An Uneasy Death


My Horror Stories were published three times in BEST NEW HORROR and five times in YEAR’S BEST HORROR STORIES, and hundreds of other places by 1999.

In many ways, today (and it’s why the book is formatted and priced to deter even DFL completists!) I am out of tune with this over-condensed handful of my more extreme output, among hundreds of others that were less extreme during the golden age of the British and American small press of the late 20th century. However, I can appreciate the enthusiastic thrust and rough edges of those printed, stapled magazines, now sort of echoed by the style of this book. Furthermore, I hope these earlier horror works of mine still stand up after several years of no longer submitting them for publication, with my having concentrated on publishing many authors in ‘Nemonymous’, ‘Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies’ etc. And gestalt real-time reviewing.
My old gritty stuff in this new book now looks to me more literary or avant garde than it did at the time! But I hope it still packs a visceral/sexual as well as surreal/poetic/religious punch for the thinking horror and weird fiction enthusiast.
Any profits will help my continuing purchase of books for gestalt real-time reviewing.
(This book will strictly only be signed by me, if required, when meeting up at conventions etc. and not by post. And no review copies are available. Its current Lulu price will never be changed.)


Spring Clean
Published ‘Ocular’ 1995

Suggestion Box
Published ‘Braquemard’ 1990

More Give Than Angles
(Published ‘The Barrelhouse’ 1992)

The Metal Ghost
Published ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ 1990

The Maypole
published ‘Ocular’ 1994)

published ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ 1994)

Sayings of Earth
(published ‘Gotta Write Network’ 1991)

Clumsy Nirvana
Published ‘Ah Pook Is Here’ 1994

As Above, So Below
Published ‘Black Lotus’ 1993

Daub of the Devil
Published ‘Gathering Darkness’ 1994


Published ‘Implosion’ 1995

An Uneasy Death
Published ‘Nasty Piece of Work’ 1997

Head on the Block
first published ‘Dark Asylum’ 1995

A Meadow’s Anticking
(published ‘Roisin Dubh’ 1995)

Critters & Innards
(published ‘The Unnameable’ 1994)

Useful Trick of the Trade
(Published ‘Bizarre Sex & Other Crimes Of Passion’ Richard Kasak
Books 1993)

This Hand’s To Give, The Other To Take
(published ‘The Night Side’ 1991)

Like Eve’s Apples
published ‘Dementia 13’ 1994

Nothing in Between
published ‘Aberrations’ 1995

Like Birth
‘Hard Core’ 1991

The Last Indulgence
‘Unhinged’ 1999

A Mortality Tale
Published ‘Vampire Junction’ 1994

Cabin Fever
Axiom 1995

The Shape of Shame
Misanthrope 1998

Boys on the Brink
Rites of Passage 1994

The Fearbroker*

The Parthenogenesis of Paul*

Jack the Ratter
Theater of Blood 1991

Roisin Dubh 1995

Dementia 13 1989

The Beach Hut
Dagon. (DF Lewis Special) 1989

Culling No Fungus
Mindmares 1999

Wings Within Wings
Hadrosaur Tales 1998

The Cut of Words
Bare Bone 2003

The Last Story in the Book
Dark Horizons 1998

The Long Bones of Dream
Wicked Mystic 1993

All Fingers and Thumbs*

An Erstwhile Bet Gilroy
End of the Millennium’ 1998

Holiday Romance
Blue Lady 1996

The Infinite Cuckoo
Deathrealm 1992

The Prurience of Prudity
Wicked Mystic 1993

Xenophilia 1992

Idle’s Children
Dementia 13 1990

Curves and Corpses*

The Weirdmonger X
The Night Side 1991

Bloodsongs 1994

Best Days of One’s Life
Dementia 13 1992

Raw Youth
Flickers ‘n’ Frames 1989

Adultery’s Underside
Elegia 1993

Black Drought
The Bloody Quill 1999

A Meaning For Life
Skeleton Girls 1994

The Virgin & The Valentine
Footsteps 1997

Ménage À Deux
Wicked Mystic 1992

Miscreant and Moonstream
The Vampire’s Crypt 1994

Published ‘Premonitions’ 1993

The Misshapen One
Published: Literatia Macabre – Strait-Jacket 1996

Published ‘Overspace’ 1990 and ‘Year’s Best Horror Stories’ (Daw) 1991

Sunset of Stings
The Black Lily 1997

Crab Paste
Published ‘Ah Pook Is Here’ 1995

Worms and Words
Nightlore 1996

The Gaze Strip
published ‘Nasty Piece Of Work’ 1997

The Loving Brush*

Published ‘Gathering Darkness’ 1993

No Such Thing
Published ‘Gathering Darkness’ 1993

The Only Alibi
Published ‘Voices From The Edge’ 1993

First published ‘Auguries’ 1987

First published ‘Samsara’ 1995

Pure Squit
Published ‘Spooge Extroosions’ 1993

A Little Girl Forever
Published Cyber-Psycho’s AOD 1999

Murky’s Tales
The Scanner 1988/1989

The Zodiac of Murkales
The Scanner 1990/1991


*I no longer own any of my contributor copies and I have lost the publishing records of those few above marked with an asterisk.

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