“…on the mere calculation of chances it does not appear in the least unlikely that a dream imagined by anyone who dreams constantly should occasionally come true.”

Coincidence, dream, recurrence, dread, visitation by the evil of a suicide, a painting that makes you bleed, a recurring sense of ever being given the eponymous tower room to stay in, an impending thunderstorm after losing matches… and with the ace of diamonds as a sort of  pre-non-sequitur, this story was nothing like I remember it from when I was frightened by it many years ago. It was as if it has now morphed into a poor story, one which no longer frightens me at all — a fact which is perhaps frightening in itself! 

A recurring dream that is different from the co-vivid dream that it becomes by my reading it again … and it somehow makes me doubt who I actually am!

‘By Jove, the old lady is a weight,’ said John mopping his forehead. ‘I wonder if she had something on her mind.’


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