Dabbling With Diabelli

DABBLING with the New Noumenon

Copies available:
EIBONVALE PRESS: https://www.eibonvalepress.co.uk/books/books_diabelli.htm

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The Three Ages of D.F. Lewis

0. 1948-1985 — Poems / Zeroist Group (1960s), The Visitor (Novel) 1973, Agra Aska (novella) 1983.

1. 1986-2000 – Over 1000 fiction publications in magazines and anthologies, some selected for the Prime Books D.F. Lewis collection ‘Weirdmonger’ (2003).
He was awarded the BFS Karl Edward Wagner Award.

2. 2001-2010 – Publishing multi-authored ‘Nemonymous’.

3. 2008-
GESTALT REAL-TIME REVIEWING (www.nemonymous.com),
Plus one novel NEMONYMOUS NIGHT (Chômu Press), a story collection and two novellas entitled THE LAST BALCONY (InkerMen Press), and a novella entitled Weirdtongue (InkerMen Press), and my reprint of Agra Aska that was originally published in 1998 by Scorpion Press,
Plus three originally created multi-authored anthologies that I published,
Plus two books from Mount Abraxas Press, and an Eibonvale chapbook called The Big Headed People. And a book collection from Eibonvale: DABBLING WITH DIABELLI,
Plus forthcoming in 2020 a past story selected for THE BIG BOOK OF MODERN FANTASY edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer.


My review in May 2018 of Imogen Cooper’s performance of Beethoven’s 33 Variations on a waltz by Anton Diabelli, Opus 120 morphing into dark fantasy in the no man’s land between literature and outlier art… https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2018/05/30/dabbling-with-imogees/

Much more information within the comment stream below…

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  1. 12CCCCFE-20CB-4FA4-9162-9936913989E2
    D5757A05-FCD2-4C5D-A24A-8163CACF14B3 A5C9043F-94E9-4A57-9057-2B31EBAE59EE

    Three photos inspiring or echoing three stories in DABBLING…

    • Until stocks last, and Coronavirus circumstances permitting, there is a free THE LAST BALCONY (InkerMen Press 2012) collection (otherwise very rare) offered to anyone who writes to me privately and correctly links the three photographs shown above with the three DABBLING WITH DIABELLI stories that each photo echoes.
      Message on Facebook or write to dflewis48@hotmail.com

      This is my own competition and has no connection with the book’s publisher Eibonvale Press.

  2. Contents:
    9 Touch-Catch
    15 They Crawl Over the Outside of Buildings More Than They Walk in the Streets Between
    27 A Private Person Travels the World Home
    41 Parcels
    45 Fiction Happens
    61 Empty Pyjamas
    75 Water Hammer
    85 The Dark Hem
    95 Bedridden
    99 The Doorbell Prince
    109 However Close to Someone, You Are Never More Than Two Entities Separated by Head-Bone.
    121 The Duke of Dusk or Dawn
    125 The Anniversary Point
    131 After You
    141 Mitchell’s Manifold Kindnesses
    155 Beneath the Cagoule
    163 The Second Knock
    173 A New Dream
    179 The Fair of the Dog
    187 Items of Faith
    193 Jean’s Soirée
    197 Crash Barrier
    207 An Infusion of Stars
    215 Splints
    219 The Rich Maskery of Life
    235 The House of Mr Moses
    241 Dabbling with Diabelli
    251 I Didn’t Mean to Make You Sad
    261 Farmer Giles’ ‘Home Remidies’
    267 The Last Story in the World

  3. 5D399036-0959-4299-9E43-1A87BDFA27F2 These are some of the more substantive of my favourites from my own many published 20th century stories. I significantly revised (and often retitled) them in 2013. A few years ago, they were collected in a Lulu printed paperback that hardly anyone knew about, now deleted.

  4. My photos used by Eibonvale on the hardback Dabbling dust jacket:

    43FBB669-EDCF-4CA9-BDF0-319A8CE518CFD106A6E9-1C55-4017-9FB1-69B867263560EB3D0F8A-AF87-4B8D-8D6B-9BF1C7336480500D9BCE-863C-432F-A65B-0D7518697C8645665AEC-792B-4A7D-94BF-E68053B8ACD84D5705F0-4A1C-4914-AB42-F6F883C1DBE03A8952CA-4B91-4ADD-B164-8D211F68F3D8 41E218DF-29A9-4674-93B3-3261C8438A49

    • 7A4D68FF-72FE-4E02-B863-E3680A386245


      76D5E2D0-6FC1-4B33-81A9-F543AC640150 Yes, tonight in the Mercury Theatre, Colchester, a magnificent performance of the Beethoven Diabelli Variations that I have long called ‘Dabbling with Diabelli’ (the title of one of my first published stories in the early 1990s).

      Performed by a wonderful pianist: *Imogen Cooper*
      Live! A privilege. A lifetime ambition inadvertently achieved. Her fingers were the Diabelli, and her facial expressions part of working with the music, a disarming spirituality. (Also intrigued by her tablet music score that she seemed to work with her foot.) But as you can see from the programme above, Schoenberg (for me, a rare live performance of another of my favourite styles of music), is shown with large detailed space, but lasted only a few minutes as an exquisite, distilled dream. But the Diabelli with one brief programme mention lasted a majestic 55 minutes!

      My experience of the Diabelli was slightly disrupted by Arch-Brexiteer Bernard Jenkin suddenly intruding, just before it started, into the audience row in front of me, so that, as I understood it, he could see her hands. Perhaps he also wanted to feast upon those Diabelli…

      There was another significant experience in the Schoenberg’s Six Little Pieces Op. 19, leading straight into Haydn’s Sonata No. 60, which I had not expected. In fact, the existence of the Diabelli performance in itself was a surprise to me, as my wife had arranged this visit and I had been unaware of the programme until I got there.

      My previous classical music reviews: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/des-lewiss-classical-music-reviews/

    June 2018 to June 2019
    Enormously heavy and spiritually contagious.
    Near Cliff Rd, Holland on Sea

    IMPORTANT PICTURES HERE: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2020/03/18/of-wood-stone-metal/

  6. SEPTEMBER 2018

    67B5DFA8-B09D-4D7D-8944-4E01E2784004Just attended a concert by Nicholas McCarthy at St Martin’s Church, West Stockwell Street, Colchester.
    Piano music for the left hand.

    Bach arr. Wittgenstein – Ave Maria
    Scriabin – Prelude and Nocturne Op.9
    Piece arr. from Bellini’s ‘Norma’ (Fumagalli, Adolfo)
    Bach arr Brahms – Chaconne in D Minor
    Frank Bridge – Three Improvisations: At Dawn, A Vigil, A Revel
    Rachmaninov arr Meinders – Springwater
    Rachmaninov arr. Nicholas McCarthy himself – Prelude in G Minor Op.23 No.5
    ‘Morgen’ arr. from song – Richard Strauss

    An inspiring afternoon just experienced. The fingers flew over the keys like lightsome avians, sometimes filling me with mellow darkness, on a strange heavily rainy day that ended sunny. I was particularly taken with the narrative of his voice between pieces, generous with information on the circumstances and names of those who had historically enhanced the musical left-hand, sinister not dexter, deep, stirring and strong as well as effervescent. Rapture and rhapsody. My only complaint was that he had cut some Scriabin from the original programme. Scriabin was the composer who had attracted me to this venue today. But I was lucky to arrive early to find the pianist limbering up with some Scriabin! All very fitting with the celestial backdrop to the piano, with Scriabin famous for such mysticism.

    Roman River Music Festival.

    My previous reviews of local concerts HERE.

  7. ‘Nemonymous Night’ was SF in 2011 when it was published after being written in 2005. Nothing more, nothing less. Dabbling, ever dabbling, but now reaching towards a New Noumenon.

  8. Touch Catch – previously ‘Anonymous Tale’
    They crawl over the outside of buildings more than they walk in the streets between – previously ‘Diptych’
    A Private Person Travels The World Home
    Fiction Happens – previously ‘A Multitude of Sins’
    Empty Pyjamas – previously ‘A Gentle Touch of Bare Hands’
    Water Hammer
    The Dark Hem
    Bedridden – previously ‘A Disowned Spontaneity’
    The Doorbell Prince
    However close to someone, you are never more than two entities separated by head-bone. – previously ‘Breakfast at Noon’
    The Duke of Dusk or Dawn – previously ‘No Circumstances’
    The Anniversary Point – previously ‘The Builder-Dragons of Planet Ishgilia’
    After You – previously ‘Gentleman George’
    Mitchell’s Manifold Kindnesses – previously ‘The Manifold Kindnesses of Mitchell Much’
    Beneath the Cagoule – previously ‘Clumsy Nirvana’
    The Second Knock – previously ‘Cabin Fever’
    A New Dream – incorporating ‘Raw Dream’
    Fair of the Dog
    Items of Faith
    Jean’s Soirée
    Crash Barrier – previously ‘Let Me Whisper In Your Ear’
    An Infusion of Stars
    The Rich Maskery of Life – previously ‘Hide and Seek’, ‘Billy Belly’ and ‘Ertz’.
    The House of Mr Moses
    Dabbling with Diabelli – and ‘An Ounce of Three Castles and a Packet of Blue Rizla’.
    I Didn’t Mean To Make You Sad – previously ‘Living on the Corner’ and ‘Trooping the Colour’.
    Farmer Giles’ “Home Remidies” – previously ‘Gardening Tips’.
    The Last Story In The World – previously ‘Woodland Without Trees’.

  9. See my reference yesterday to a story in DABBLING entitled AFTER YOU in one of the synchronies here: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/3-gestalt-synchronies-today/

  10. ‘The Rich Maskery of Life’ – entitled thus when revised wholesale in 2013.
    Today, but rich?!

  11. 325D934C-144E-4F02-96A6-9CF575906255
    You can actually seem to touch the tactile sand upon the blend of stone, wood and metal of the mysterious ULO.
    A physical book with its own autonomous soul that will grow on the readers the more they handle it.

  12. Just realised you can ADD shadows to this book…

    1ECBA904-13DC-444D-BC21-7AD05448517B 83FE14FB-8578-4F6B-BAFD-1DABCCE70F1E

  13. Very exciting!
    Look at what just arrived!
    (Placed very carefully on a newly cleaned floor).


  14. If there are any reviews of this book, they will be linked from here: https://etepsed.wordpress.com/dabbling-reviews/

  15. 1DA493A9-A98B-4D6D-8048-ADADF54E3A90

    Until stocks last, and Coronavirus circumstances permitting, there is a free THE LAST BALCONY (InkerMen Press) collection (otherwise very rare) offered to anyone who writes to me privately and correctly links the three photographs above here: https://etepsed.wordpress.com/dabbling-with-diabelli/#comment-2041 with the three DABBLING stories that each photo echoes.

    This is DFL’s own competition and has no connection with the book’s publisher Eibonvale Press.

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