Route to some DFL stories lost by the Weirdmonger Wheel

Free PDFs of these books listed here:

(Weirdmonger Wheel:


LADIES:  A novella

A Man Too Mean To Be Me

Rock Choir (previously unprinted)
Grandfather Clock  (previously unprinted)
The Six Musketeers  (previously unprinted)
Never Lived to Leave  (previously unprinted)
Shumble Hall – Year 2000: 1997
The Bread Fence Lets The Rations Through – The Asphalt Jungle 1998
The Dark Hem – Chills 1996
The Absence – The Third Alternative 1994
The Fillings of the Sky – Cthulhu Codex 1996
North Monday  (previously unprinted)
Numbskull – The Weirdmonger’s Tales 1994
Passiflora – Nemesis 1989
Dark Serendipity – The Zone 1995
The Lethal Chamber  (previously unprinted)
Woodland Without Trees  (previously unprinted)
The Best So Far  (previously unprinted)


About 130 short shorts (‘thingies’) written from 2007 to August 2012., all previously unprinted

The Lurk Descending

A Disowned Spontaneity – Voyage 1998
Breakfast at Noon – Albedo One 1999
Old Scratch – Shadowdance 1994
The Next Files – The Ex Files, Quartet Books 1998
Jean’s Soirée – Orbis 1997
Let Me Whisper in Your Ear (previously unprinted)
The Manifold Kindnesses of Mitchell Much – Atmosfaer, Kadath Press 1997
Kept Behind – Agog 1988
A Tale about Thomas – Psychtrope 1999
The House of Mr Moses  (previously unprinted)
The Builder-Dragons of Planet Ishgilia – Odyssey 1996
Estate Duty – Sol 1997
A Private Person Travel The World Home – Strix 1997
A Rootless Thought – Not One of Us 1991
The Lurk Descending – Thin Ice 1993
Eminently Forgettable – The Vampire’s Crypt 1995
Diptych – Black Tears 1995
An Anonymous Tale (previously unprinted)
Why Behind The Fence? (previously unprinted)Poopo
A Map of Memories – Palace Corbie 1999
A Man of Bone and Fame – Threads 1994
Alum Chine – Shoggoth 1994
Untethered Night (previously unprinted)
Cloysters (Rook) – On Night’s Wing 1993
What Happened in Vienna (1920)  (previously unprinted)
Early Closing Day – Cthulhu Codex 1998
By the Bootstraps – Silver Wolf 1994
Dear Rubberjock – Voices From The Edge 1993
Bald Steel and Fish-Bone Alloys – Necropolis 1994
The Piano-Player Has No Fingers(1 of 2 stories) – Palace Corbie 1996
Boot Heels – Vandeloecht’s Fiction Magazine 1991
Abrecocks and Zawns – Vollmond 1989
Claudette – The Banshee 1992
The Island – Night Dreams 1995
The Ice Monster – Night Dreams 1996
Wasted Meals – Nox 1993
Revenants and Provenants – Gypsy Blood Review 1993
A Smidgeon Too Short – Oasis 1994
Three Stories Darned by a Thread – Strix 1998

Raw Air

Love and Stitches – Psychotrope 1994
The Provenance of Souls – Dreams and Nightmares 1996
Simply a Stranger – Psychotrope 1998
Passiflora – Cthulhu Cultus 1998
Pipe Dream – Ammonite 1997
The Parachutist – Night Owl Network 1993
Penguins at Midnight (previously unprinted)
The Picnic Party (previously unprinted)
The Groundlings – Lost 1992
Reed – In Darkness Eternal 1996
The Silver Tealeaf – Eldritch Tales 1990
Caesura – Oasis 1999
Disquiet – Dreams and Nightmares 1994
The Demon Faltering – Lost 1991
At the Moosey Mud-Flat – Euronymous 1994
A Restless Night – After Hours 1990p
Ritual Killing  (previously unprinted)
Upon the Eve of Woman – Strix 1997
The War Wake – Cthulhu Cultus 1997
Merry Hell (previously unprinted)
Soundless Movement – Heliocentric Net 1993
Two Lonely – Night Dreams 1993
The Last Message – Ammonite 1993
The Meaning of Life – Samsara 1996
Ertz – Violent Spectres 1995
The Weirdmonger’s Circus – The Ultimate Unknown 1996
In the Vein of the Father – Heliocentric Net 1994
Porcelain  (previously unprinted)
My Angel Eyes – Eulogy 1994
The Rose Garden (previously unprinted)
Les Mains Sales – Transversions 1998
Nightwork – Night Owl Network 1993
The Misshapen One – Literatia Macabre
The Lostling – Rare Constellations 1993
Monarchs and Man – Red Eft 1994
Almond Cottage – Momentum 1990
Alternate Worlds – The Dream Zone 1998
Mrs Panegyric’s Haunting Melodies – The Tearsheet 1994
A Multitude of Sins – The Asphalt Jungle 1998
Gentleman George – Roadworks 1999
A Mouseful of Pins – Roadworks 1999
To the North – Oasis 2001
Threading the Night – Fantasy and Terror 1992
Indelible  (previously unprinted)
Raw Air – Gothic Light 1991

The Drawstring

Work Not Strictly Done But No Further Attempts Will Be Made  (previously unprinted)
Pick’s Model  (previously y
Parcels – Auguries 1993
Missed Opportunities (previously unprinted)
Ribbons of Reality – Mystique 1995
At The House Hotel – Elegia 1993
The Maze Zone – Strix 1997
Soft Furnishings – Tears in the Fence 1996
Gardening Tips – The Cimmerian Journal 1996
An Ounce of Three Castles and a Packet of Blue Rizla – Peeping Tom 1991
I Blame the Mother – Dark Fantasy Newsletter 1998
The Monkey Who Did Not Like Its Hat – Krax 1989
The Exquisition (previously unprinted)
Bare Pickings – Digital Workshop 1996
Wars Lost Not Won – Gothic Light 1993
Raw Jam – Works 1993
The Rocking-Horse – Auguries 1993
Lexophony (previously unprinted)
The Quiet Door – Footsteps 1995
Pay The Taxi Driver (previously unprinted)
Padgett Weggs XIV – Panurge 1989
Hamsita – Working Titles 1989
The Fair of the Dog – Dementia 13 1990
A Pause Too Far – Silver Wolf 1993
Cigarettes and Dandelions – Fantasy Macabre 1995
Dark Chintz – Dreams from a Stranger’s Cave 1994
The Meaning of the Mind – Premonitions 1994
Jack Jumberlack – Gothic Light 1992
Items of Faith – Vinyl Elephant 1993
Write about the Countryside – Dreams and Nightmares 2000
The Drawstring – Darkness Rising 2003
Aphids – Strangewood Tales 2002
Country Dusk – Dark Dreams 1990
Spooking Out – The Fractal 1994
The Regency Cafe – Memes 1991
Inventions  (previously unprinted)
Fall From Grace – Song of Cthulhu, Chaosium Books
The Two Kings (previously unprinted)

Dark House Lane

Dark House Lane  (previously unprinted)
Onion Soup  (previously unprinted)
And Never Was Piping So Sad (previously unprinted)
Tongue in the Sky – Ball Magazine 1993
Industrial Evolution – Strange Wonderland
Joy Rider – Monomyth 1998
No Answer – Cthulhu Codex 1998
The Round-Headed Club – Stygian Articles 1997
The Long-Titted Tale – Tales of Lovecraftian Horror 1997
Don’t Give Your Heart to the Balloon-Mender – Nox 1994
The House and the Brain – The Fantasycon Reporter 1996
Goose & Gander – Redsine 2000
Simonetta’s Legs – Substance 1994
A Core Unto Itself – Midnight in Hell 1992
A Tale of Two Todgers – Crypt of Cthulhu 1993
The Smell of the Past (previously unprinted)
The Dodgy World of Ear-Recorders – Hard Core 1990
No Circumstances – The Darklands Project 1997
Backseat Dreamer – Rictus 1994
Deathless in Venice – Hallow*Zine 1996
Spare – Heliocentric Net 1997
The Weirdmonger XII – Peripheral Visions 1992
Skinning the Yolks – Gothic Light 1992
Pointed Nails – Wearwolf 1992
From the Hearth – Beneath the Ground (Alchemy Press)
Golden Dawns – Aklo 1992
War and Peace – Cyber-Psychos AOD 1992
The Maiden Voyage of the ‘Calm Sea’ – Braquemard 1995
Spinal Lurch – Sivullinen 1995
Spanning the River (previously unprinted)
Beyond the Help of Mortals – Kimota 1998
Derek and Verity – Eos 1992
Owen’s Damascus Road – Mystique 1990
Two Films and an Interlude – Overspace 1992
Longland Jones – Auguries 1988

Gargling With Swordfish

Gargling With Swordfish – Imelod 1998
The Awakening of Samuel Rigger – Nightfall 1991
Padgett Weggs (full version) – Fantasy Macabre 1993
Tears Without Meaning – Psychopoetica 1989
A Live Show – Grotesque 1993
Stretch of the Imagination – Kimota 19950
Do Ghosts Dream of Winding-Sheets? – Opossum Holler Tarot 1990
And More – Edgar 1999
A Dark Miscegenation (previously unprinted)
The Old Familiar Places (previously unprinted)
My Own Step-Father – Peeping Tom 1992
False Ceilings – Elegia 1992
Following the Rhythmic Rakes – Stygian Articles 1995
The Door Has Bolted (previously unprinted)
Performer’s Nerves (previously unprinted)
Shooting at Dodge Town  (previously unprinted)
Black Boots  (previously unprinted)
Two Cabinets  (previously unprinted)
Beating the Bounds  (previously unprinted)
The Bullace Tree – Peace and Freedom 1988
Exegesis – Read Me 1990
The Miser – The Edge 1988
Sinkhead – Auguries 1988
Imago – Nova SF 1994
Toward a Gilded Pond-Life – Oasis 1999
Nomicos Inge (1) – Dreams and Nightmares 1991
In the Searing Searchlight – Your Worst Fears Confirmed 1989
How Sentimental Can You Get? (previously unprinted)
The Clinging of the Cold – Dark Matter 1998
A Carpet Up the Stairs  (previously unprinted)
Of High Breeding  (previously unprinted)
Blackberry Pie  (previously unprinted)
Out of the Sun  (previously unprinted)
Cat’s Eye  (previously unprinted)
Mind Bends  (previously unprinted)
The Long Calm  (previously unprinted)
Flat Iron  (previously unprinted)
Wild Crone  (previously unprinted)
Free & Easy  (previously unprinted)
Robert Montgomery, Age 35, Born in Leicester, writes ‘Prince Philip’s Diary’  (previously unprinted)
Crime of Plenty  (previously unprinted)
The Dead Diamond  (previously unprinted)
Strangling a Snowman  (previously unprinted)
Carving the Fish  (previously unprinted)
Fruit of Darkness (previously unprinted)
The Inglenook – Eldritch Tales 1994
The Faintest Lady – End of the Millennium 1999
First Love – The Oak 1992
A Picture-Book Likeness – Vandeloecht’s Fiction Magazine 1991
Lady-Day In Harvest – Dream from a Stranger’s Cafe 1993
DFL Baffles  (previously unprinted)
Fitzworth’s Funeral – Stygian Articles 1996
Separation – Dementia 13 1991
Mr Blubby – Red Eft 1997
Nomicos Inge (2) – The Sterling Web 1991
Dark Comets – Outer Darkness 1997
Mondegreen  (previously unprinted)

Yellow Cargo – Skeleton Crew 1988
Metal Fatigue – Skeleton Crew 1988
Tiff – Skeleton Crew 1990
Cracked Meadow  (previously unprinted)
Nurtured by Night – Stuff 1994
Jake’s Fair – Roisin Dubh 1995
Who Else? – Testament of Lael 1993
Works Outing (previously unprinted)
Ancient Ponds – Dark Horizons 2001
I’ll Take Them on a Dream Ride – Cerebretron 1989
In the Beginning was the Word – frisson 1997
Magicked by the Moon – Not Dead But Dreaming 1996
Gone Ahead  (previously unprinted)
Ashley Lime – Odyssey 1993
Random Floors  (previously unprinted)
Description of a Kitchen Event
Strange Transactions  (previously unprinted)
Bedroom Eyes – After Hours 1995
The Steering-Hole  (previously unprinted)
Jack Be Quick – Not Dead But Dreaming 1998
A Study in Brown – The Heliograph 1997
The One-Eyed Fly – ProtoStellar 1992
Guessing Game – A Sink Full of Dishes 1997
Father of the Head (dadaistically twice)
Tides of Night – Oasis 1997
Opening Time – Alternaties 1994
Orphans of the Tide – Next Phase 1994
Pulp Crime  (previously unprinted)
Through the Window  (previously unprinted)
Sea, Sun & Sorrow  (previously unprinted)
Meddle Age  (previously unprinted)
Prince Philip’s Diary  (previously unprinted)
A London Christmas Story  (previously unprinted)
A Web Across the Door  (previously unprinted)
The Chill  (previously unprinted)
The Merest Creak – Wearwolf 1993
Water Hammer (previously unprinted)
Dark Breakfast – Elegia 1995
What the Dickens, Who the Hell? – Oasis 1999
Title! Title! – Mystique 1992
The Walls of Time – Picatrix 1992
Days of a Dead Disney – Massacre 1993
The Tide of Time – Darl Star 1990
Laughter in the Dark  (previously unprinted)
Beyond Ulthar  (previously unprinted)
LARDY-DAR – Not Dead But Dreaming 1999
The Presence – Nox 1994
Where I Came In – Cobweb 1999
The Meaning of Des – The Weirdmonger’s Tales 1994

Fanblade Fables

Fanblade Fables (previously unprinted)
Intentional Fallacy (previously unprinted)
The Ulterior’s Motive – Beyond the Moon 1994
Office Block (previously unprinted)
Headless Hall – Barddoni 1991
XXXX – Zine Zone 1997
Mummy’s Boy – Trash City 1996
Wooden Box – New Hope International 1996
Somewhere  (previously unprinted)
The Prince’s Wood – Sierra Heaven 1996
Simply Sick Again – Not Dead But Dreaming 1996
Smart Suit Day – Psychopoetica 1996
My Favourite Book is ‘Le Neveu de Rameau’ (previously unprinted)
Sadie’s Vigil – Sundown 1998
Clockhouse Mount – Dark Eyes 1998
Down and Outs (previously unprinted)
Rich Seam (previously unprinted)
The Cloud Merchant (previously unprinted)
Desultory – QRD 1997
Posthumous Prize – Psychopoetica 1996
Belly Laugh – The Spotted Rhubarb 1996
Soft Steps and Rockeries – Butterfly and Bloomer 1996
Avant Garde – Samsara 1995
Half a Sixpence – Crypt of Cthulhu 1993
Visages of Jade – Dreams and Nightmares 1991
Daughters – Dagon DFL Special 1989
There’s More to Bellini than Norma – Zine Zone 1998
Green Twist – Shorts from Surrey 1993
Painting with Water – Noir Stories 1993
After Tea – Elegia 1991
Underdarkneath – New Adventures of Starfishman 1998
Sexbomb – Skull 1994
Night Night and Safe Dreams – Un(real)ity 1992
The Last Thermal for R’lyeh – Stygian Articles 1995
A Frightening Landscape  (previously unprinted)
Brakelights – Crimson 1995
Made Flesh – Hobgoblin 1991
Joe – Agog 1988
The Wedge Question – 9th Issue 1991
A Day for Angels – Ocular 1996
Meltdown – The Starry Wisdom 1994
Trial and Terror (previously unprinted)
Dark Oasis (previously unprinted)
Pogrom Panjandrum – The Night Side 1991
Applied Madness – Inflated Graveworm 1997
A Restless Night – After Hours 1990
The Misshapen One – Literatia Macabre 1996
The Widower – Among the Ruins 1997
The Devil’s Stinkpot – Roisin Dubh 1994
A Gentle Touch of Bare Hands – Planet Prozak 1999
Compliments of the Season – Stayin’ Sane 1993
Vampire of the Sun – Theater of Blood 1991
A Merriment of Souls (previously unprinted)
Wilgraham and Lucy – Scapes 1991
The Call of Llanelly – Cold Cuts 1993
A Buttered Casing – Vollmond 1989
Death Sweat – Works 1991
The Thing in the Bed – Black Tears 1995
Miscegenation of the Quirk – Auslander 1995
Woken with a Kiss – The Ultimate Zombie 1993
Ringing the Chains – Wearwolf 1993
After the Requiem – Dark Dreams 1992


Strangling a Snowman: DFL Non Fiction – excluding real-time reviews and interviews:-
Includes Deathrealm’s ‘Tentacles Across The Atlantic’ series, Zene’s ‘Last Word’ series, notes on Malcolm Arnold symphonies, an old essay on nemonymous philosophy, Cern Zoo / Cone Zero thoughts etc etc


Emoss Crack
Miscreant in Moonstream

The two books – Emoss Crack and Miscreant in Moonstream – are separate novelized patchworks of stories many of which appeared in print in the 1990s and in the above books on this page (ie in different individual forms). These ‘novels’ were compiled and linked together under the above titles roughly at the turn of the last century and were shown on-line.

Des’s Big Brother: some of my real-time comments on the UK Big Brother TV Show from 2004 to 2012 while in ‘conversation’ with Marion on the TTA on-line forum.

HARVEST TIME and other collaborations with Gordon Lewis

HARVEST TIME….includes the fiction collaborations with Gordon Lewis (1922-2007) that are not published in ‘Only Connect’ (Cartref Press 1998)





The Reluctant Victim
Blood Bitch
Camera Obscura
Dreams Of The Chalice
Blank Frank
Metal Rainbows
Through The Canvas Smog
When The Sky Rained Angels
Symphony For The Devil
My Honolulu Baby
A Ticket To Ride
A Blue And White T-Shirt
The Brightness Of Shadow
Rodent Ulcer
Soft Boy
Nudd Polloch
The Vicar And The White Van
Sweltering Soliloquys
A Colour Fast
The Graven Image
Helter Skelter
The Body Spoke
The Voice Star
Planet F**ker
The Five Spies
Random Project
A Bone Poe
voor de liefhebbers
The Threat Of Sparkle
The Water Cannon
Raising The Axis Mundi
The Meaning Of Life
Science Will Provide…
Them Or Us
Agger’s End
Career Path
The Lonely Diner’s Club
Flash Mob
Kangaroo Lady
Ghost Story


Other DFL collaborations available:

One response to “Route to some DFL stories lost by the Weirdmonger Wheel


    Spring Clean
    Published ‘Ocular’ 1995

    Suggestion Box
    Published ‘Braquemard’ 1990

    More Give Than Angles
    (Published ‘The Barrelhouse’ 1992)

    The Metal Ghost
    Published ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ 1990

    The Maypole
    published ‘Ocular’ 1994)

    published ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ 1994)

    Sayings of Earth
    (published ‘Gotta Write Network’ 1991)

    Clumsy Nirvana
    Published ‘Ah Pook Is Here’ 1994

    As Above, So Below
    Published ‘Black Lotus’ 1993

    Daub of the Devil
    Published ‘Gathering Darkness’ 1994


    Published ‘Implosion’ 1995

    An Uneasy Death
    Published ‘Nasty Piece of Work’ 1997

    Head on the Block
    first published ‘Dark Asylum’ 1995

    A Meadow’s Anticking
    (published ‘Roisin Dubh’ 1995)

    Critters & Innards
    (published ‘The Unnameable’ 1994)

    Useful Trick of the Trade
    (Published ‘Bizarre Sex & Other Crimes Of Passion’ Richard Kasak
    Books 1993)

    This Hand’s To Give, The Other To Take
    (published ‘The Night Side’ 1991)

    Like Eve’s Apples
    published ‘Dementia 13’ 1994

    Nothing in Between
    published ‘Aberrations’ 1995

    Like Birth
    ‘Hard Core’ 1991

    The Last Indulgence
    ‘Unhinged’ 1999

    A Mortality Tale
    Published ‘Vampire Junction’ 1994

    Cabin Fever
    Axiom 1995

    The Shape of Shame
    Misanthrope 1998

    Boys on the Brink
    Rites of Passage 1994

    The Fearbroker*

    The Parthenogenesis of Paul*

    Jack the Ratter
    Theater of Blood 1991

    Roisin Dubh 1995

    Dementia 13 1989

    The Beach Hut
    Dagon. (DF Lewis Special) 1989

    Culling No Fungus
    Mindmares 1999

    Wings Within Wings
    Hadrosaur Tales 1998

    The Cut of Words
    Bare Bone 2003

    The Last Story in the Book
    Dark Horizons 1998

    The Long Bones of Dream
    Wicked Mystic 1993

    All Fingers and Thumbs*

    An Erstwhile Bet Gilroy
    End of the Millennium’ 1998

    Holiday Romance
    Blue Lady 1996

    The Infinite Cuckoo
    Deathrealm 1992

    The Prurience of Prudity
    Wicked Mystic 1993

    Xenophilia 1992

    Idle’s Children
    Dementia 13 1990

    Curves and Corpses*

    The Weirdmonger X
    The Night Side 1991

    Bloodsongs 1994

    Best Days of One’s Life
    Dementia 13 1992

    Raw Youth
    Flickers ‘n’ Frames 1989

    Adultery’s Underside
    Elegia 1993

    Black Drought
    The Bloody Quill 1999

    A Meaning For Life
    Skeleton Girls 1994

    The Virgin & The Valentine
    Footsteps 1997

    Ménage À Deux
    Wicked Mystic 1992

    Miscreant and Moonstream
    The Vampire’s Crypt 1994

    Published ‘Premonitions’ 1993

    The Misshapen One
    Published: Literatia Macabre – Strait-Jacket 1996

    Published ‘Overspace’ 1990 and ‘Year’s Best Horror Stories’ (Daw) 1991

    Sunset of Stings
    The Black Lily 1997

    Crab Paste
    Published ‘Ah Pook Is Here’ 1995

    Worms and Words
    Nightlore 1996

    The Gaze Strip
    published ‘Nasty Piece Of Work’ 1997

    The Loving Brush*

    Published ‘Gathering Darkness’ 1993

    No Such Thing
    Published ‘Gathering Darkness’ 1993

    The Only Alibi
    Published ‘Voices From The Edge’ 1993

    First published ‘Auguries’ 1987

    First published ‘Samsara’ 1995

    Pure Squit
    Published ‘Spooge Extroosions’ 1993

    A Little Girl Forever
    Published Cyber-Psycho’s AOD 1999

    Murky’s Tales
    The Scanner 1988/1989

    The Zodiac of Murkales
    The Scanner 1990/1991

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